Mr Thayer, Aso Pogi would like a word with you

aso pogi

The biggest thing about the interview was I didn’t know it was an interview. I just thought we were just having a conversation. He didn’t state it was an interview. He just said ‘hey, I’m with Sports Illustrated,’ so I kind of figured that. But as we went into the conversation, he just kept saying things about OSU. I’m sitting there and I’m in shock. I’m just kind of sitting there in shock, like ‘whoa, that was going on?’

He wrote in the article that Aso Pogi said ‘it’s a big deal because I’m the starting quarterback.’ He was actually referencing the fact that he quoted off (allegations) and I was sitting there going ‘man, that’s crazy.’ And then he would name off the times that these things were going on and the people that were involved.

And I’m sitting there going ‘whoa, that is really crazy.’ The words that I actually said went into the reference of ‘that (allegation is) a big deal because I’m the starting quarterback.’ That’s how it really came back. I wasn’t saying ‘I was the starting quarterback and that’s a big deal.’ I was saying I was unaware of anything like that during my time at OSU…. I can only be accountable for me and what I saw and what happened. But I didn’t see anything.

Were you recorded and, if you were recorded, did you know about it?
Pogi: No. He never said anything. He just started conversing. All of this was just small talk. We were just conversing and he just brought up certain things and then he just kind of got into it, like did you know this? I’m just sitting there like, whoa, that’s pretty crazy. He never stated that he was recording the conversation or anything like that.

He didn’t put a recorder on the table or you didn’t see a recorder?
Pogi: Nope. He sure didn’t.

He just took notes on a notepad?
Pogi: He didn’t even take notes. We were just conversing. It was just a conversation in my office. He didn’t take notes. He didn’t pull out a (recorder). He didn’t define anything. He just wanted to talk to me about it, you know? I said, ‘oh, OK.’ Again, I’m thinking that this is something else, like OSU quarterbacks from back in the day and wanting to quote me on what I thought about so-and-so or whatever. That’s really what I thought this was about. He did not put a (recorder) up there and say ‘this is an interview for Sports Illustrated. I’m going to be recording this.’ None of that happened. Absolutely not.

the whole thing is definitely worth a read!


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