Part 1 – The Money

1. If the scandal is so rampant and wide spread, and hundreds of people with knowledge, how did it take 10 years to come out? 

2. Cash handed out freely in the locker room right after a game, with press and everyone else around? Again hundreds of people would have known.

3. Starving players, when there are several meals provided by the athletic department? This is just not true.

4. ‘Boosters became so pervasive after Miles took over that they began connecting with players even before they arrived on campus. (T. Boone Pickens, the school’s most prominent booster, was not implicated in any improprieties by SI’s sources.) Shaw says that after he decided to attend Oklahoma State in 2001 as a senior at Shawnee (Okla.) High, a booster gave him between $400 and $500.”

Seymore Shaw originally signed with the University of Oklahoma as a partial qualifier his senior year of HS.  He came to OSU in August after the season already started when OU did not give him a scholarship.

5. “Williams was shot to death in 2007 while a member of the Denver Broncos; Grant died in a car accident in ’05. Bell, DeGrate and Fields all denied getting illicit payments. Bowman did not respond to repeated requests for comment.”

Tatum Bell and Josh Fields both publically stated they were never contacted by SI.

6. Less than 24 hours into the story and 2 ‘sources’ have claimed their quotes were twisted and manipulated.  Pogi even states that he told Evans that the worse that happened at Oklahoma state was horsing around in the locker room.

“let me say this ti all of you, I was never paid or said anything negative about OSU, That Evens guy is trash for what he worte! He took what I said and flipped it to his own words! I never said anything about Bobby Reid, Defo, or John Talley!  I am embarrassed and shamed of this articale! I was lied to about what this articale is about and for that I apologize to everyone for! This is something that will get resolved and I will see to that myself!” – Rodrick Johnson

7. 2005: Freshman cornerback Calvin Mickens says he received $200 from a booster he did not know, for playing well in his debut game, against MontanaState.

Mickens also said he received several similar payouts after a 62-23 loss at Texas A&M in which he had an interception.

From Barry Tramel, “Let me get this straight. Someone paid a freshman cornerback after a 39-point defeat. That’s messed up on some level.”

8. 2002-07: Rodrick Johnson said Darrent Williams openly talked about getting paid, and tailback Seymore Shaw said Tatum Bell openly talked about getting paid.

From Barry Tramel, “If players were openly talking about the payments, the talk had to filter down to the rest of the team and/or coaches. So someone is lying. Either those who said they got paid, or those who say they never heard or saw anything untoward.”

9. Rodrick Johnson, Calvin Mickens, Seymore Shaw and receiver Artrell Woods say quarterback Bobby Reid received money early in his career, when he was the starter, but that the money “dried up” when he lost the starting job.

From Barry Tramel, “Maybe so. But this is opposite of the earlier claim in the Sports Illustrated report, that it wasn’t just stars or starters who got paid. It was players who had their hand out.”

10. 2001: Safety Fath’ Carter said players received $500 handshakes in the locker room after OSU’s Bedlam upset.

From Barry Tramel, “Now that’s an act of faith. Someone who came to the game believing victory is possible.”

11. 2001: Seymore Shaw says head coach Les Miles introduced him to OSU booster Kay Norris, who paid Shaw $400 to take a Christmas tree out of the attic and paid him $700 “numerous” times to clean the floorboards of rental houses, which took about an hour to complete.

From Barry Tramel, “This is unlike all the other allegations in that I knew Kay Norris, who died in 2006. Her son, Chris, has told The Oklahoman that the Norrises have no rental houses, at least not this side of Broken Bow.”


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