Part 2 – The Acedemics

1. They only mention 1 associate professor, no actual professors.  How come there isn’t more follow up with the sources claims?  There is record of which courses they took, why was there no attempt to contact the school, or the professors?

2. “Academics first,” Miles would say. “Football second.”

As Miles said, “Academics first,” he would hold up two fingers. And as he said, “Football second,” he would hold up one.

Miles, the coach at LSU since 2005, denies that he deemphasized academics while at Oklahoma State: “I always said, and I always meant, that academics was the most important thing.” Of the one-finger, two-finger gesture, Miles says it happened just once in “a moment of humor.”

3. Fath’ Carter, a safety from 2000 to ’03. “The goal was not to educate but to get them the passing grades they needed to keep playing. That’s the only thing it was about.”

These kinds of quotes are very misleading.  They emphasize the picture Thayer SI is trying to create.  This is why the article is Shoddy journalism.  The reality is student athletes have more academic advantages, tutors, study sessions, and yes a system to help them through school.  But I went to OSU, and guess what, I was all on my own.  It was up to me to schedule classes, buy books, go to class, study, and pass the class.  You cannot help those who are unwilling to help themselves.

4. “Were the players who came in after Miles [arrived] lesser students? Yes,” says Carter. “So things had to be put in place to help them.”

Terry Henley, an academic adviser for football since 2000, denies the players’ allegations that he scheduled them in easy classes and steered them to majors, but concedes that academics weren’t a priority for Miles. “There was never pressure [to cheat],”

5. Four players and two former assistants told SI that they had teammates who they believed were functionally illiterate even after attending the school for multiple years.

Notice the absence of a quote?  This leads me to believe they asked a very leading questions and 6 people said something to the effect of, yeah, sure, maybe.

6. About Dez Bryant – Did forget that Dez was investigated by the NCAA, wouldn’t this have come up?



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