Former Players Speak Out


On March 15th 2013, I received a call from a guy, named Thayer Evans from Sports Illustrated saying that he heard a lot about my new start and that he wanted to fellow up with me and do a story on how my life is going. I felt like things were falling back into place. He asked to meet me in Houston, TX and do an interview. March 16th 2013 we met and he pulled out the recorder and he started to ask me about my life, new season, school, and my story. He then eased his way into asking me about Oklahoma State, questions like “how did you feel when being relese from the team by Mike Gundy, what type of guy is Mike Gundy, and how did he get all the Texas players so easy, I told him I was very pissed at the time and felt like I could have been givin another chance, and help me get to my lowest by taken away the only thing I had and lived by, which was football. Then I told him I got over it because I knew it was only my fault. He also asked how many of you guys received money, “as of Donnell Williams, I didnt receive any money or gifts, unless you are talking about Financial Aid money, he said I remember you being a top recruit, I told him but I never got money and didn’t see anyone get money are gifts. Ok what about the drugs, I told him there are drugs everywhere. The look that Thayer Evans had on his face, seem as if I had wasted his time. He thought I would make false statements about Oklahoma State because I had been released from the team but it’s only right to tell the truth. If he denies he has the recordings.

ASO POGI – from the Tulsa Word

The biggest thing about the interview was I didn’t know it was an interview. I just thought we were just having a conversation. He didn’t state it was an interview. He just said ‘hey, I’m with Sports Illustrated,’ so I kind of figured that. But as we went into the conversation, he just kept saying things about OSU. I’m sitting there and I’m in shock. I’m just kind of sitting there in shock, like ‘whoa, that was going on?’

And I’m sitting there going ‘whoa, that is really crazy.’ The words that I actually said went into the reference of ‘that (allegation is) a big deal because I’m the starting quarterback.’ That’s how it really came back. I wasn’t saying ‘I was the starting quarterback and that’s a big deal.’ I was saying I was unaware of anything like that during my time at OSU…. I can only be accountable for me and what I saw and what happened. But I didn’t see anything.

Were you recorded and, if you were recorded, did you know about it?
Pogi: No. He never said anything. He just started conversing. All of this was just small talk. We were just conversing and he just brought up certain things and then he just kind of got into it, like did you know this? I’m just sitting there like, whoa, that’s pretty crazy. He never stated that he was recording the conversation or anything like that.

He didn’t put a recorder on the table or you didn’t see a recorder?
Pogi: Nope. He sure didn’t.

He just took notes on a notepad?
Pogi: He didn’t even take notes. We were just conversing. It was just a conversation in my office. He didn’t take notes. He didn’t pull out a (recorder). He didn’t define anything. He just wanted to talk to me about it, you know? I said, ‘oh, OK.’ Again, I’m thinking that this is something else, like OSU quarterbacks from back in the day and wanting to quote me on what I thought about so-and-so or whatever. That’s really what I thought this was about. He did not put a (recorder) up there and say ‘this is an interview for Sports Illustrated. I’m going to be recording this.’ None of that happened. Absolutely not.

DEZ BRYANT – Twitter

@DezBryant: Wish somebody would have offered me 25k when I was at #okstate If I didn’t get paid I’m damn sure nobody else got paid




Yves Batoba @YbatobaBoosters were making it rain in the locker room after we beat MONTANA STATE by 5 points? LOLOLOL now that’s comedy… #false


@AndrewMitch Pay to play? I almost had to pay #okstate to let me on the field. But I guess I wasn’t nearly as productive as the likes of an XLK.


Thankful, grateful, honored, and appreciative are a few words I would use to describe teh full football scholarship awarded to me by Oklahoma State University!

I had the pleasure of being recruited by Coach Joe Deforest and member of Coach Mike Gundy’s first recruiting class. From the time I was recruited to my graduation not once was I offered money to play. Oklahoma State’s coaching staff, strength team, and academic services help put me in the right positions to succeed on/off the field, and once my career was done! When I needed help in any field I had a supporting cast I could rely on. I graduated with my degree and have moved on to the next stage of my life like many fromer players successfully.

This artible is focusing on extremely small group of players that were given an opportunity to continue their football dream, but feel cheated and refuse to accept responsibility for mistakes they made. What better time for a group of disgruntled players that left the university for one reason or another to talk down on an amazing university that has worked the right way to put itself on the map and help young student athletes succeed not only on the field but in life.

I am troubled that anyone would try to bring down such a great organization, but I’m at peace because I know I was apart of something great and I know we did it the right way. Always proud to be a football alum for alma mater OSU and will always bleed the brightest orange in America!


“Let me say this to all of you, I was never paid or said anything negative about OSU, that Evens guy is trash for what he wrote! He took what I said and flipped it to his own words! I never said anything about Bobby Reid, Defo, or John Talley! I am embarrassed and shamed of this article! I was lied to about what this article is about and for that I apologize to everyone for! This is something that will get resolved and I will see to that myself! The guy wrote lies! So for all of you flipping out on me, don’t believe everything you read just because its in a book or magazin!” – From Rodrick Johnson’s facebook page.


“Folks gonna believe whatever they want. I’m not trying to convince nobody. But I do know while I was in school no one took no extras.”

While being interviewed on the Sports Animal, Bell denied ever being contacted by Sports Illustrated.

“First off, I’ve never received any money. I’ve never been to (DeForest’s) house at all. I can’t tell you where DeFo lives or where he lived at the time… I never went to any coach house in college. Period. Let’s squash that right now.

“Never received any money. Never had any hands shaked. Whatever else the article said, no boosters were allowed in the locker room … It’s all just made-up stuff.”

“If the sorry players were getting the money, I don’t understand why the good players weren’t getting money, because I was one of the best ones out there if that’s the case. Kevin Williams … he was one of the big-time cats, he wasn’t getting no money.”

Then Bell was asked about the former players quoted in the article. He had this to say:

“I think either they didn’t finish Oklahoma State … I don’t remember the guys, so I can’t speak on them personally. But as far as me keeping up with the program, I know that they didn’t play much or they got kicked out or transferred or whatever the case is and they not happy with their life now. I don’t know why they’d (want to do this) to Oklahoma State. And I don’t know why they’d bring me up, they don’t even know me.”


“I quit the program my senior year so I have nothing to do with OSU. Was sitting next to Girtman in the locker room. If he as getting paid, I would have seen it. Paul Duren was an awesome linebacker, Kevin Williams was a superstar, why weren’t they getting paid?”


“This stuff that I’m hearing and reading is ridiculious. We were part of the guys that turned that program around and we didn’t receive one thing. All these guys finished at different universities. I shoulda been getting that envelope. You gonna pay me $500 to get to the quarterback? C’mon man!”


“I can’t believe how much crap is going on. I was approached by one of these guys in March, asking for former Les Miles players at OSU who might have something against OSU because they lost playing time.”


“I spent 5 years in Stillwater and never experienced any of these allegations… I’m interested to see who they got their information from.”


“Coach Defo was my position coach, I love the man and thank him for all the TIME he invested in me.” #GreatCoach


“It’s outrageous and it’s a bunch of nonsense. It’s not right for all the people who put in the work and did everything the right way to get questioned and doubted because of the words of a few who didn’t.”

JOHN O’DELL – Fellowship of Christian Athletes State Director in Oklahoma

“John Talley has been a valued member of the FCA staff for 20 years. I believe in John as a man of integrity who has made a tremendous impact for Jesus Christ on the lives of countless coaches and athletes during his career. The outpouring of support from both current and former coaches and athletes for John during this time has not only a been a blessing for John, but a testament to his character.”


@EvanEpstein60 I held bags and hit bags for four years and EARNED my scholarship just like EVERY person I played with. End of story.


@OrieLemon52 I guess some people have went crazy. That article is straight up bullshit.


@imaFREAK82 In all that’s going on I don’t think it’s right to bring up ppl that can’t defend the program like Darrent Williams and Vernon grant.


@Blackbellybuie 00-04 I never saw anything like this, and the characters that they chose to interview are shady at best. Miles was such a tight ass, no way


@U_GO_C Lol plus John Talley worked the hell out of us..I went once or twice and never went back I did enough work with Coach Glass on the field


@darius_hart I can’t speak for nobody else but I still got scars from doing work for talley. Dudes are really trippin smh


@CoachNickYork How dare they attack John Talley! That man changed so many lives through FCA after practices. Was there for our guys in a very positive way



John Talley is an incredible man he was the answer to many of our prayers! He taught us hard work and how to do things the right way!


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