Part 1 – The Money

1. If the scandal is so rampant and wide spread, and hundreds of people with knowledge, how did it take 10 years to come out? 

2. Cash handed out freely in the locker room right after a game, with press and everyone else around? Again hundreds of people would have known.

3. Starving players, when there are several meals provided by the athletic department? This is just not true.

4. ‘Boosters became so pervasive after Miles took over that they began connecting with players even before they arrived on campus. (T. Boone Pickens, the school’s most prominent booster, was not implicated in any improprieties by SI’s sources.) Shaw says that after he decided to attend Oklahoma State in 2001 as a senior at Shawnee (Okla.) High, a booster gave him between $400 and $500.”

Seymore Shaw originally signed with the University of Oklahoma as a partial qualifier his senior year of HS.  He came to OSU in August after the season already started when OU did not give him a scholarship.

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