Two days in, here are the major problems with Sports Illustrated’s report

There are plenty of problems so far with the Sports Illustrated story on Oklahoma State football.

That doesn’t mean it’s not all true.

OSU administrators are looking into the allegations. So, presumably, is the NCAA. O-State brass must be exhaustive in their efforts to find the truth — something the SI reporters apparently were not.

Through two days — Money and Academics — here are the big problems:

* Most glaringly, Sports Illustrated didn’t even mention that the majority of its sources from the Day 1 report were kicked out of school or dismissed from the program. That’s absolutely vital information, and omitting it is either something well beyond shoddy journalism or just plain self-serving. As if not mentioning that many of the accusers had an ax to grind against their former school and team and coaches somehow strengthens the report.

The the Tulsa World report in it’s entirety here:



aso pogi

The biggest thing about the interview was I didn’t know it was an interview. I just thought we were just having a conversation. He didn’t state it was an interview. He just said ‘hey, I’m with Sports Illustrated,’ so I kind of figured that. But as we went into the conversation, he just kept saying things about OSU. I’m sitting there and I’m in shock. I’m just kind of sitting there in shock, like ‘whoa, that was going on?’

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